SausageFest: The Reckoning

“On Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 at Archon in St. Louis, the most amazing and terrible event in the history of ever shall take place.  The event will bring together all kinds, creeds, and souls who will give from their wallets and take meat on their lips and drink on their tongue to battle a great evil.  Elixir once forbidden will be imbibed, great warrior women will couple, a beast with massive paws will stumble as jewels once hidden, now exposed, are baptized from the chalice of a Pimp. So it is written.  So it shall be.” ~ Boozinomicon: Prophecies from the Back Seat, page 238.

So THAT happened.

SausageFest was an amazing success.  Not only as a gathering, but as a party, a fund-raiser and a generally DAMNED good time.

We made $505.06 which will be donated to a foundation known for bringing awareness to Breast Cancer.

(Note: A Virtual SausageFest is going to run through the month of October to add to what we’ve already raised. The widget above is tracking the results of that… you can even donate through the widget too!)

I was the one that has to take blame and credit for the idea of Sausagefest. Back in August I was having a hungry day and started thinking of smoked sausage… the rest became twisted along the way into what was birthed into the world as SausageFest.

I might have been the one spearheading the endeavor, but I was not without an AMAZING amount of help and support from a huge group of people. (Or at least FAR more people than I thought would help.) If you don’t see your name here, point it out to me, you are likely one who needs thanked and in the blur of the moment and trying to remember it all I’ve over looked it. Without further adieu..

Thank you!

  • Artemis – for stepping up and bar-tending for us.  You made killer drinks, kept the line flowing, put smiles on more faces than I could count, and did so with a smile on your own face while giving up YOUR time at the con to help out and for donating to the party/drink supply.
  • Stingray – for the video, for falling over laughing, and for being a great roommate at the con.
  • Jen – for documenting the madness that was Sausagefest
  • Nora – for being an able assistant to Artemis and for providing much entertainment as the alcohol disappeared
  • Darrell – for too many things to list, for your help in cleaning up, for the music, for all of the research before the con, for getting us the room and establishing us as an OFFICIAL room party.
  • Adam/David – for being an able co-conspirator
  • Rob – for hanging out
  • Luke and Kim – for donating to the drink supply fund and for taking in a refugee for the night.
  • Bob and Jen – for the donation and for having a great time
  • Shawn – for bringing us the amazing artwork and the Absinthe guy.
  • Absinthe guy – I don’t know/remember your name but your skills and generosity in providing Absinthe for the party was AWESOME.
  • The Survivor who was staying in the room across the hall – For being a ROCK STAR, a WARRIOR, and for being this evil damned disease and for keeping it out of your body for 5 years!
  • The Woman who shared – for your strength, for your daughter who is fighting valiantly, for sharing, for being encouraging about what we were trying to accomplish.
  • Chris and Sarah – for the donation, for helping tweak the Sausagefest flyers and for the secondary dowsing while Rob hung out
  • Paul and Karen, my parents –  for donating a considerable amount of alcohol AND the Brett Hull restaurant hockey stick drink stirrers.
  • Josh – for giving us his virginity as a drunk.  I’m glad you were able to finally walk at the end of the night.
  • That one guy I had to kick out of the party – for actually leaving when you were told, even though you were kind of a mouthy little prick.
  • The guys in the room next to us – for being cool about having a rowdy party RIGHT NEXT DOOR!
  • Scott and Faith – for the donation of booze.
  • Lina – for getting those flyer out to the peoples
  • Elizabeth – for giving out flyers at your booth
  • Steve – for giving out flyers at your booth
  • Wei – for bringing the thunder and getting people to DONATE!
  • Princess Leia and Wonder Woman – for… well… you know 😉
  • Julie – for letting me run off with my friends for the weekend, for being a good sport about Sausagefest, for helping with the flyers and for, after seeing the first draft of the SausageFest flyer, saying, “There has to be something better to do with the “pink” reference… Something dirtier to go with the meat thing”

And finally, to all of you crazy SOBs who showed up, took our meat in your mouth and slipped our pink across your lips – for donating, for having a great time and again, for donating!ok optionsпорно видео в хорошемпереходники ценыкредит урал банк онлайнбанк санкт петербург кредитыхоум кредит телэкспресс кредит с 19 лет

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